Behind the Scenes Inspiration: Bixbee’s Inflatable Mattress and Playspaces

When every day inspiration incites an imaginative idea, Bixbee’s Founder and CEO Luis “Lu” Garcia activates creation mode!

Inflating Inspiration

Bixbee’s newest items the inflatable Buccaneer Pirate Ship and Sparklicious Castle were inspired by two moments in two very different “times”.

In the pre-covid world, the Bixbee Imagination Station “popped up” in Chicago with various themed interactive rooms.  The inflatable octopus in the ocean room created a whimsical excitement in visitors that captured Lu’s attention.  He noticed how the inflatable octopus transformed the physical space as well as ignited the imaginative minds of the visitors.

Fast forward in time to 2020.  

When the town pool stayed closed for summer, Lu bought his nephews an inflatable slide and pool for summer fun at home.  The joy and energy that inflated along with this playspace is really where Lu’s inspiration ‘soaked in’.  He could see how Bixbee’s line of backpacks and accessories could grow.

Slide Fun.

Inflatable Sketches

Have you ever heard of writers or artists sketching on napkins?  Well, that’s exactly what Lu used to capture the first images of Bixbee’s Inflatable Mattresses and Playspaces.   

With children’s imaginations and make believe play in mind, the Buccaneer Pirate Ship and Sparkalicious Castle were first sketched on napkins and dated 6/20/2020.  

Now, those sketches are brought to life!

Inflating Imaginations

Invite inspiration into your own home.  Create a “pop-up” station with Bixbee’s Buccaneer Pirate Ship or Sparkalicious Castle.  

Take a note from Lu’s book, and be sure to keep some napkins handy to sketch all the ideas sparked by your children’s imaginative play.

Learn more about Bixbee and CEO Luis “Lu” Manuel Garcia in “10 Questions with CEO of Bixbee”.


Behind the scene artwork:


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