Embark on exhilarating adventures with "Bixbee and The Beekeepers," an animated action series where courage meets conservation! Our pre-teen heroes, The Beekeepers, join forces with Bixbee (the prodigal bee prince from HIVE) on daring global missions to thwart villains (like Queen Evilise and her Soldiers of VIRUS) who threaten the Earth’s balance. Saving the world has never been so exciting! They've got technology like you've never seen before. We're all in this together!


Guided by Bixbee, the bee leader of HIVE, Bixbee and The Beekeepers is about a team of young humans known as The Beekeepers who leap into adventure with incredible tech to protect the Earth from the profit-over-planet forces of Queen Evilise and her Soldiers of VIRUS


From the Royal Halls to Earth's Call

Bixbee is no ordinary bee. He is a direct link to the Queen bee elders of The Lost City of Propolis. Palace corridors echo his legacy, but he's found his true calling leading HIVE — the bee brigade championing Earth's preservation against VIRUS' dark tide. In dire times, his handpicked Beekeepers team leaps into action. Embodying boundless optimism, Bixbee's leadership radiates hope, proving he's far from just any bee.

SUMIKO (Age 7)

Brains, Bravery, and an Unbeatable Style

Unyielding in spirit, Sumiko embodies the team's resilient core. Fluent in diverse tongues and the language of style, she’s the perfect blend of wisdom and charisma. Born in Houston to a Mexican-American father and a Japanese mother, Sumiko is a master of martial arts and disguises, but she has a comedian's sense of humor, able to infuse joy into the gravest of situations.

JABARI (Age 7)

From Minneapolis Streets to Global Feats

Every team needs a heart, and Jabari plays that part. A passionate reader with roots in Tanzania (but living in Minneapolis today), his soccer skills are matched only by his cultural wisdom, speaking five languages fluently. His archeologist parents ignited his quest for knowledge, making him the group's grounding force. Though soft-spoken, his parkour prowess is anything but silent.


Bay Area Beats and Bytes

Bertrand breaks every kiddo coder stereotype. Growing up in Palo Alto's tech-savvy air and enriched by his French lineage, he ventured into coding and music early on. Acclaimed as a prodigious DJ, he marries tech with tempo, crafting masterpieces. When he's off the tech stage, it's sushi and symphonies for this young maestro.

AMITA (Age 4)

Dancing Dreams and a Heart That Gleams

A dance prodigy with a heart as expansive as her spins, Amita shines as the youngest Beekeeper. This first-generation Indian American not only impresses with her ballet but also her dedication to animals, volunteering ardently at shelters. A devout vegetarian, Amita's world is painted in hues of pink, purple, and a sprinkle of stardust.


Bug-Built Battalions

Directed by the enigmatic Queen Evilise, the Soldiers of VIRUS ruthlessly seek global control, risking Earth's precious balance. This nefarious force includes humans like the nature-despising Commander Krunk and the insect-armored Foot Soldiers. When defeated by the Beekeepers, these soldiers dissolve back into mere insect swarms.


A Sinister Schemer in the Shadows

Hailing from a secret VIRUS lair, Queen Evilise, a half-bee cyborg, captivates and terrifies all who behold her. Mysterious in motive, whispers hint at connections to lost royalty or sinister experiments. Always eluding capture, she remains Bixbee's greatest nemesis.


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