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Lending a hand. Making a difference. Changing the world. People everywhere dream of helping kids reach their potential and making a lasting impact through better educational opportunities. Yet few have the chance to turn those dreams into reality and spread goodness beyond a close circle of friends, a neighborhood or community.

Our desire to play a positive role in educating kids around the world began in 2011 with the launch of Schoolbags for Kids. Now for every designer backpack we sell, we donate a schoolbag and supplies to a kid in need through our One Here. One There.® program. We are proud to have donated thousands of supply-filled bags over the years.


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Let’s slow down and step back further in time before the birth of Schoolbags for Kids and the One Here. One There.® program.

Our vision for improving educational opportunities for kids around the world first began to take shape in 2010. That was the year our co-founder, Luis Garcia, hopped on a plane to spend five months exploring new places and volunteering with kids in developing countries.

Luis had recently hit 40, and, after two decades designing products for luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Sephora, he wanted to do something with his life that would make a lasting impact.

During his journey, he spent time in schools and orphanages in the world’s poorest countries—India, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. While at an orphanage in India, Luis handed out pencils to a classroom of excited students.

Their enthusiasm about something so simple, something we take for granted, made a deep impression on him. Luis realized the children he met throughout his journey were like millions of others around the world, eager for an education but lacking basic supplies.

Luis returned to San Francisco determined to help. Armed with a background in product design and development and a mission, Luis partnered with Kalon Gutierrez to launch Schoolbags for Kids—a line of lightweight, ergonomic and fashionable backpacks for kids.

Today as Bixbee, we are making unique bags and accessories for kids and our social impact continues to spread around the world through One Here. One There.® Of course, moms and kids can’t resist our eye-catching and functional designs, but they also love knowing they’re part of a movement, making a difference by giving a child they’ve never met a chance at a better education.

As we look ahead, we know our impact will continue to grow. Won’t you join us?

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