My First Memory of Giving Thanks and Giving Back

Thanksgiving 1975. I was 6 years old. Turkey in the oven, watching the Macy's day parade when my mom says, "Come on let's go check on our couch." Our couch was being reupholstered, and the gentleman doing the job was taking longer than agreed upon. We walked about a block away and knocked on his door. Mom immediately noticed the ruckus of kids running around, but especially the kid in diapers on top of the dining room table eating corn flakes out of the box. Mom gently nudged the door to get a better look and asked the man, "Are these your kids?" "Yes," he said. She then asked, "Where is your wife?" He bowed his head and said that his wife had passed away about 6 months ago. "I'll be right back," mom said. She then briskly walked home and started to fill a giant tin tray with turkey and side dishes. "What are you doing?" I asked. She was so deeply focused on putting the tray together that she did not answer. About 15 minutes later, we were back at the upholsterer's door. Mom knocked and when he answered this time, she handed him the tray. "Happy Thanksgiving!" she said. I could not help but notice the man’s eyes well up with tears. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" he said repeatedly.

I don't remember eating Thanksgiving dinner that day nor the fact that our guests had no couch to sit on, but I will never forget how that simple act of kindness and selflessness helped to form who I am today and the company we are trying to build.

2020 has been full of uncertainties for families and businesses all over the country. It is this impactful childhood memory and the effects of the pandemic that reminds me to be extra grateful to our Bixbee customers. We are still buzzing and it’s because of you.

Thank you for your ongoing support and thanks mom, for this lesson in giving thanks and giving back.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lu Garcia
Founder & CEO


  • Carla Garcia

    Whaaaaa haaaaaaa! I’m not crying corn flakes. You are!

  • Adys Palacios

    Thank you for posting such a touching memory. It’s people like your mom that make this world a better place. May we never ever forget the less fortunate. Those of us whom have roofs over our heads, food on the table and caring people in our lives are the richest most fortunate human beings on this earth. I truly believe that nothing warms our hearts more than helping others. Bixbee was founded through love and compassion and for that I believe it will keep thriving and succeeding.

  • Oxana

    What a lovely childhood memory and such a great reminder to be kind to each other. Happy Thanksgiving! We love you, Bixbee!

  • Tom Kehoe

    That’s beautiful and a true testament of how your family instilled values.

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