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Bixbee Origin Story

Hi Bixbee fans! Luis Garcia here, CEO and Chief Creative at Bixbee.


As Bixbee turns 5 years old, I wanted to send out a special message and thank you for your ongoing support and I also wanted to give you a little background on the history of Bixbee and how we came to be.

Let me just start by sharing a little background on myself. I’m originally from New Jersey, I grew up in a town right across from Manhattan and I attended Parsons School of Design. After that, I had a whole career where I designed for brands like Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bath and Bodyworks, and later on Sephora; to name a few.

After about 20 plus years in that career, I decided to take a career break and actually travel around the world with a focus on volunteering with children. During my travels, I volunteered at schools and orphanages in Africa, India, and throughout Southeast Asia.

There, I saw children sharing a pencil using every inch of white paper in their notebook to do their homework. Everywhere I volunteered, there was a need for school supplies and with further research found the need was worldwide

I was so inspired by the Buy One Give One movement, I decided to work on the idea that I could design products for children and have the sale of these products help some of these kids in need.

Fast forward 5 years later, Bixbee is thriving and giving back and it’s all thanks to you. We’re so excited about the future and your ongoing support.

So thank you!

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